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RoXas died and came back to life at birth on April 23rd labeled as a "Miracle child" with an overwhelming need to help animals. She began teaching herself to meditate and draw at age 3 by watching cartoons and copying from coloring books. Born with the gift of healing, Roxas believes her gift came from God and puts a lot of the healing energy within her drawings. Her need for helping others, especially animals, became stronger after her near death experience at the age of 23 when getting sick with walking pneumonia.
"People are hard to understand. It is much easier to understand animals then it is to try and understand people. They are little pieces of pure love, Angels on earth."
Today RoXas lives peacefully with her beloved soul mate and husband, and their two fur children.


My name is RoXas AmaraOri and I am a Wildlife Researcher and animal pencil artist. I am a private, quiet person who loves to meditate and being in and around nature. I am mostly a hermit and love just spending time with my wonderful husband. I am akward, weird, childish at times and get amused easily. I have Fibromyasgia, MS, and RA but my ailments do NOT define me. Archery is a huge passion of mine but I would never ever shoot an animal...only paper targets. I love hiking and dancing although I don't get to do much of either and I am very old fashioned.

Animals are my passion in life and I do what I can to educate others on their importance. . Especially foxes which happen to be my favourite creatures in the world. I have done wildlife rehabilitation and relocation in the past and continue to when I am able.

My philosophy is that we can learn much from animals and that we should all take some time to appreciate what they can teach us. The innocence of such beings on this earth who are often times misunderstood, animals know and understand a lot more then we give them credit for.


My speciality is drawing wildlife and pet portraits and I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. If you or someone you know would like to request and buy my artwork, please feel free to message me. I try to make the art piece special to the individual who buys it. The artwork is framed in a an 8" x 10" If it is a pet portrait then I will need a little background information on your pet so that I can get to know it's personality and be able to capture it's true essence in the drawing. Getting to know a pet is like getting to know a new person, each one is unique and special. A pet portrait or animal drawing is a great gift for any occassion and a great dedication to those furry, feathery, scaled pals we love so much!

Wildlife or Pet Portraits are: $100.00
Add additional pet: $5.00
Free Unique frame included.

Enjoy my gifts to you!

To he that dwellth in the Light, all things are possible
Recently found some cool questions on a friends page and wanted to answer them. 

 If you could meet your favourite fictional character(s) in reality, what would you do, or what would you ask them?
Depends on what character you wish me to talk about. I have very many faves. The top fave would be: Could you teach me every trick you know with a bow and arrow? - question to Robin Hood Disney
And the other would be: Merlin, could you teach me how to do magic as cool as you? from BBC's Merlin series.
And don't forget Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, it would be strange to meet my other self, my twin, which in that world is a boy. Could you imagine 2 RoXas'? We would have a keyblade battle and see who's keyblades are really the coolest. 

 Do you prefer books, movies or TV series?
Each has it's own unique experience I say. I do however prefer books, as  I believe the imagination is much more accurate then movies or telly could possibly ever be. 
But then again, leave it to Disney to create a fox to become Robin Hood. Mind you, every time I read a robin hood book it was usually a cunning fox I seen in my head
but I do love watching the film more then reading the robin hood books.  With everything else though I love books.

Can you tell me if there´s a song or musical piece you can relate to or that describes you?
Love Can Build a Bridge - The Judds and If I can dream - By Elvis Presley  

What do you think about holidays like for example Christmas, New Year or Halloween?
Best times of the year are the holidays. The sad part is, there is less people appreciating the beauty, wonder and magic of these holidays these days. Christmas especially is such a wonderful beautiful time of year. And if YOU see the magic, don't be afraid to show others the magic as well. Spread the love and the joy around and it will touch the hearts and souls of many. 

 Do you like celebrating your birthday or do you prefer spending it alone?
I celebrate it with my husband and fur babies. Never was one to really like parties or making a big deal about one day, when all days should be celebrated and special. Each day you are on this earth is a day to celebrate. We are beautiful, we are all special, we are all beings of love and light.

What colors and/or motives do you like on your clothing?
Black and white, dark browns and greens or all blue. I love trench coats, hats, boots, collared shirts, scarves, ties, vests, wristbands. Checkers is my style or old style medieval/archer clothing. I love necklaces, especially my Roxas Cross symbol or keys. I also love rings. I have my wedding ring and then my two other favourite rings which are both checkered. One is mostly black, the other is mostly white. I have trouble with colours...I'm not colour blind per say, but I am what you call, Tetrachromatic which is I see more colours then the average person. Black and white are pretty much normal for me but other colours constantly shift and change. So you can imagine why I like to wear black and white so much and why I draw in pencil. 

 What kind of things make you crack up with laughter?
Just about everything makes me giddy. I love to laugh.

 Do you like giving spontaneous presents to people? (not depending on birthdays or holidays, just acts of random kindness)
Yes. If I had the money I would go and find people who I believe really deserves something special and I'd give it to them. Such as remodeling their house, paying off their loans, or getting them something they really need if they are having a hard time. I have given people gifts in the past that they have needed. Often times not a gift that is traditional. It's not always a gift one can hold onto literally but a gift they never forget. For example, when I was working in retail I often felt people's deceased loved ones around them. A gift of my own I rarely share. One lady walked in and was frantic and I seen an older gentleman standing behind her trying to comfort her. I knew I had to talk to her when I seen she couldn't see him and walked right thru him at one point (i would have thought I was crazy at this point but after seeing spirits your entire life you just don't think your crazy anymore, you know your crazy and you accept it). She seemed so stressed but was trying to keep her cool. I had went over to help in the shoes department which was not my area but I helped anyways. I don't usually just go up to someone and say Oy you! Your dead husband wants to say hi. But this lady I felt was an exception. I told her who I seen and she broke down crying and I took maybe 30 whole minutes out of my work time to sit and talk to her and comfort her. Come to find out her husband had died a few months prier, she went on a cruise with a friend to get her mind off of the funeral and felt terrible about the whole trip and to top it all off she lost all her luggage. Anyways, to make a long story short, I described who was standing behind her, I told her a few things she told me no one would have known but her and her husband and I told her to let go of her worries about the luggage that it would be found. She spent another 15 to 20 minutes thanking me a left the store with no more stress, calmer then she had been in the past few months. And although I never saw her again I do believe she did find her lost luggage. Anyhoo, that is the strange gifts I give.... 

Did you ever meet a person that you first met on the internet in real life?
Yes actually I have. One, but if I do meet more then each one I would help with my unusual gifts. And I like to think I am one of those people who come into your life, touch it in a big way, then vanish and you are left wondering, "wow, who was that cool person"

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