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RoXas died and came back to life at birth on April 23rd 1983, labeled as a "Miracle child" with an overwhelming need to help animals and people. He began teaching himself to meditate and draw at age 3 by watching cartoons and copying from colouring books. Born with the gift of healing, RoXas believes his gift came from God and puts a lot of the healing energy within his drawings. His overwhelming need to help others especially animals became stronger after his near death experience at the age of 23 when getting sick with pneumonia.
Chivalry is a big thing for RoXas and he is sometimes too kind for his own good but has learned to not let people take advantage of that.
RoXas was diagnosed with Fibromyasgia, MS, Aspergers and a couple of other health issues that have been a constant daily battle and struggle for him. "For anyone who knows the storyline of the Kingdom Hearts games, my health issues are my darkness. They are the heartless I constantly battle every moment of every day. I may not look sick but I feel like crap on the inside." Although born as a girl, RoXas considers himself more a guy and is a proud Asexual.
RoXas has done motivational speaking in the past on the power of positive thinking and the spiritual healing of animals in humans lives. He has also been certified as a professional Hypnotherapist.
He loves Archery, Video Games, Hiking, Photographing and studying Wildlife, Exploring, Adventuring, Stargazing, Tai Chi, Meditating, and being with his mate, Sora.


Wildlife or Pet Portraits are: $100.00
Add additional pet: $5.00
Free Unique frame included.

Enjoy my gifts to you!

To he that dwellth in the Light, all things are possible
Ok so I recently had a very dear friend of mine read a couple of chapters of a book I had begun to write years ago when I was just beginning high school. I had written on this story even before that and had ideas for this book ever since I was real little, maybe age 5 or so. But bits of the story have changed here and there and I don't even know where I would begin if I started writing on it again. But she like the story so I thought I might share it will all of you and get your opinions on it. I'm not a great writer, but I write just the same as I draw. Simply because it makes me feel good. It's a release. It helps me relax and it's fun. 
So please, sit back and read this first chapter and then tell me what you think. Should I keep writing? Would you read more?
First to give you a little background of the story. A planet located in the Pleiades star system in circling the star Taygeta, named Erra Ferran. This planet with two moons, indigo waters and constant aurora skies was a peaceful planet until the arrival of Altarians. A race of reptilian like beings who arrived in space craft and think themselves inferior then any and all other races. The leader Wystan begins to take over the small planet of Erra Ferran and enslaving the races that he feels could possibly be a threat to him and his people. Wystan is told of the Royal family of Amara whom live on another continent on the planet and who have abilities and knowledge of magic that he, himself does not possess. He longs for this knowledge and thus begins his search to overrule and take over the Amara Kingdom. An army on the way, the Amara family takes precautions to keep their youngest safe. They create a link, a portal through time and space to our world, Earth. And this is where our story begins....

Chapter One - Mystery Woman and Child

There are many places in our world that you would call magical and mysterious but what if one of those places really did hold magic? For most of us, magic is something that exists only in the eyes of a child. We surpass the things we cannot explain as pure imagination or maybe even coincidence. For the Thortan family, this was exactly the case. If they could not see it or touch it, it simply did not exist. They lived on farmland nestled beside a forest in a small town near Wicklow, Ireland. What they didn't know or expect was that their lives where about to change and magic was about to take place.

Every morning as the sun would rise, a blanket of mist would fall upon the forest near the Thortan farm. Birds would began their cheerful tunes and flowers with their morning dew would began to open. But something seemed different this particular April morning when a deep silence fell over the Wicklow forest.

The mist had turned to a heavy fog and everything seemed to cast a shadow of fear. The only sound that could be heard was the footsteps of a mysterious young woman running through the forest. She had covered herself with a jet black cape and cloak as best as she could and her crystal blue eyes kept moving in all directions to see if anyone was following her. Moving behind one of the huge tree trunks nearby, she kneeled to the ground to rest and take a few deep breaths. Removing her hood revealed her white-blonde hair. She placed a hand through it's long strands then gently took off her cloak. Strapped to her back was a pack that carried a small child that looked to be two years of age. She removed the pack carefully and set it on the ground in front of her. Tears began to stream down the sides of her face as she touched the sleeping childs head with her fingertip. The baby girl moved slightly but did not wake.

Sounds began to emerge in the distance. The woman quickly covered the child with her cloak, turned and peeked out from behind the tree to see what was coming her way. Her panic seized as she seen two familiar sets of eyes staring back at her form behind some bushes. One pair were emerald green in colour while the other a brilliant silver grey. The Woman nodded.

"I knew you'd come looking for me. Thank you." She spoke in a near whisper. The eyes blinked. "Now, you know what you must do. I trust everything will be alright. Remember, she must not know anything until it is time. Understand?" The eyes blinked once more and bobbed up and down to show the woman they understood. Removing the cloak to take one last look at her child, she placed a small triangular purple stone in a pocket on the front of her babies clothing. At that moment, the fog began to thicken and when it started to clear, the woman had vanished without a trace.

Pushing the bushes aside and brushing itself off, was a small figure dressed in a similar cloak than that the woman had worn. The only difference was that this cloak was deep violet and covered everything but the figure's eyes. On the right side, was a badge that read in gold letters, "Official Guardian of the Royal Court."

"Well, I never expected something like this to happen." Said a samll and squeaky female voice from beneath the cloak. She turned and looked at the second pair of eyes and motioned them to come forward. They belonged to a silver wolf emerged from the brush, wagging his tail and staring with his bright silver eyes at the figure. They both nodded at one another and walked over to where the baby was laying. The cloaked one placed the pack on her back slowly and carefully as to not wake the little one.

"Well, we best get a move on."

Ok, like I said. It isn't much, but what do YOU think of my story? It's so old and I haven't changed anything from it since. 

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